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Overcome Career Anxiety With These Tips

Having been a career coach for quite a long time, I have seen it all. Some clients come to me in difficult situations, that they burst into tears a short time into the session. They’ve been facing stress, anxiety, and fear for a long time. The saddest part is they often can’t tell why they feel that way. There’s no need to let it get that far.

You already have everything to tackle this anxiety and enjoy life. Don’t let it ruin your happy life! Here are four steps from Harnham that will help you defeat career anxiety today, and live like others.

1. Analyze the fear. Where does the fear originate from? Where does it lie? Pause for some time and reflect. Pick your journal and begin asking yourself what makes you afraid and what causes it. Are you afraid you’re in the wrong career? Do you think you’re not good enough, or you fear you will lose your job? The moment you understand what you’re afraid of, addressing it will be easy. If you can’t establish the cause, still don’t stress. The least you’ll need at this point is more anxiety when you already have enough of it. What you need to do is observe your thoughts when you’re at work and take note when you start to feel negative. In most cases, there must be something causing the anxiety.

2. Face the root cause. Now that you’ve begun to look into the cause of the fear, it’s time to tackle it. How can you solve it? Pick up a journal again and make a list. Note 2 or 3 things you can do now, and also come up with a long-term plan. For example, if you’re afraid you took on the wrong career, begin with a self-assessment. Then, interact with people to see what is out there and learn to find out what you love and enjoy. Once you know your strengths and whatever you’re passionate about, plan and start following this new path.

3. Take great care of yourself. Your priority should be taking care of your mental and physical well-being. Stress and anxiety can drain you a lot, and this can in turn affect your health. Sleep more. Take time to relax after the hassles of each day. If you’re not already into meditation, start meditating. Again journal all your worries. Read a book you think would be useful. Enjoy a long, relaxing bath. Eat healthy food. Reduce the amount of caffeine you consume. Show some kindness to yourself, be fair to yourself despite whatever you do, to avoid increasing the anxiety levels.

4. Speak up. If you’ve tried some remedies and you can’t get over the anxiety, talk to a specialist. If you feel like you have an anxiety disorder, a therapist can help you out big time! In case you feel you need more help with your personal and also professional development, you may engage a coach. Sometimes, the other people can be what you all wanted to solve all these. There’s nothing wrong with seeking help.