It Ain't Much But It's Honest Work

It Ain’t Much But It’s Honest Work

It Ain’t Much But It’s Honest Work Dutch Farming’s inform the world about the life of a Dutch farmer this is the light it is it’s it is it ain’t a lot but it is honest obtained the nice areas of potatoes yep I’ve noticed that my shoes are not happy about this and if I’ve slept a pair times ones when my daddy

was a bit boy their ranch increased in fires what as I am joke how does a ranch increase in fires and then everyone was asleep so it was evening and they hung on a young pup a new young pup they bought a new young pup

because they’re old pet pet men so they obtained a new young pup and the young pup began barking in the front in the barn so everyone woke up with this young pup sir barking after that everyone obtained I went to how

securely but they could not open up bench much more with the young pup in it because that would certainly be truly harmful so diff up he passed away delay the young pup the young pup safe the entire family my baby

passed away and the discharge is real sorry yep my the young pup my daddy young pup safe the entire family but passed away in the discharge I was truly depressing I expected it to resemble after that the pet pet was a

hero and no I’d say called him Dorian and this pet pet Bert’s is a descendant of him possibly there is a pet dog no she was truly depressing kind of young pup yep your grandma delay your grandma informed me a tale as well

about that she had a hen and I had not been paying attention I could not understand the entire tale she had a small hen and it passed away which was her tale hi there I think there was more to it but you probably miss out

on yep there’s something about it being bit in the neck or something well they she used to have hens but after that there was a fox and the hens passed away I think that is the tale she choked yep it was uh and it probably

obtained been the next by de fox that is fox’s so see the farming life is pretty wild a great deal of fatality a great deal of fatality stand out period is this a potato no what is it’s it it is truly big oh my god it’s do you think we

have a globe record no but I feel wasteful also like these small potatoes that cares I know this is huge this could feed a family for fortnight’s did you know an international I means I know I know – video game fortnight Oh

fortnight means 2 weeks truly yep that is a fortnight is 2 weeks I do not want to carry this but I seem like it is a huge point I suggest it is probably rotten coz it is currently open up alright bye-bye I almost tossed it but that

would certainly have protected us with I took a go back I saw you currently going there doing this movement currently like no I am not obtaining away