How can I grow up on Fiverr?

How can I grow up on Fiverr?

Hey! I’m sohail   a career freelancer on where I’ve been selling as a Fiverr Pro verified copywriter for about the past eight years.  I’m going to be helping you troubleshoot some of the reasons that maybe your Fiverr gig

is underperforming. So, whether you are immediately starting out – you’re a totally new seller and you’re just not getting orders, or maybe you got a couple but things haven’t quite turned out quite right and you’re just really

not sure how to scale up or get your momentum moving in the right direction, hopefully, this is helpful for you! So, as I’ve said in all of my blog across my channel, I am only offering advice based on my personal

experience; what I’ve done to grow my business, and the things that I see working for me and others on the platform. So, take this all with a grain of salt. There is no one perfect answer and I’m not gonna even pretend to

promise you the ultimate secret to success, because I do think that these things are gonna be really helpful for you, but at the end of the day, it is gonna take some work, and it does require some serious skills from you.

And it does require a kind of business acumen and awareness to know what’s working and what’s not. So, hopefully, this is helpful for you… and let’s get right into it. Okay! So let’s start at the beginning of the spectrum…

worst-case scenario. When you’re looking at your analytics on Fiverr, which I  definitely encourage you to do, make sure that you are looking there and you know what is available to you in terms of metrics. There’s not tons of

information but there is definitely some insight.  So let’s say that you’re just not getting any impressions. If you’re not getting any impressions,  I think that there are a couple of reasons that this might be happening. Number

one is that you are offering something that no one’s looking for. So if it’s so niche or so specific or so unsearchable that people don’t know how to find you (or don’t want to find you at all), you won’t be getting impressions. And

also, if you are selling as a new seller in a really overly saturated category as well, and then in that case you’re just not getting impressions because people literally can’t find you because you are offering the same thing as

everybody else. So those are two sides of the spectrum. You’ve got to do some soul searching and figure out which side you are on. And then another issue might be your metadata. So make sure that you are trying

different search terms. Make sure your search terms are spelled correctly. if that is spelled incorrectly and no one’s searching for that mistake then of course that’s a missed opportunity for you. And try new search data. If

you’re not getting impressions, there’s no reason to be leaving your search data alone.  And then make sure that you’re also in the right category because (again) if your search data doesn’t match the category that you’re

in, even if people want to be searching for you they’re not gonna be able to find you. Okay, let’s say okay besides those let’s also suggest that if you have any kind of an audience off-platform, I recommend that you go ahead and

do some promotion for yourself. I  personally haven’t promoted myself anywhere because I haven’t needed to, but especially getting started, if you can play a hand in driving traffic yourself you’re obviously just building

awareness and visibility. Um, just make sure you’re doing it in the correct way that’s not cringy. You know,

Okay! Um, so let’s say that now you’re getting impressions, but you’re not getting clicks. So people aren’t actually clicking on to go visit your gig page, even if you do show up in search. In that case, I would think that maybe

your title needs to be more eye-catching. Perhaps you’re saying literally the exact same thing as everyone else? Is there another adjective that you can throw in there that would be uniquely different and eye-catching for their

attention?    And then also your gig pictures and videos! You’ll notice when you search on Fiverr that there is a  little icon that shows up if you have a video, so if someone’s actively looking for someone who’s gonna offer a

video and talk to them personally, having that little icon is a differentiator. And then, of course, not only having the one picture (which you want to be clear easy to read, and eye-catching) but also that you can have three

pictures on your gig page. Or…? Yeah – gig page. So the same thing is true on search. If people aren’t yet converting to clicking to explore more, they are still able to tap through those three different pictures. So again, having that all the way set up is not only beneficial for the algorithm…? Algorithm (!!) to

see that you are a fully fleshed out gig and ready for action, but also getting people to go from impression – noticing you, seeing you’re totally there credible, you’ve got lots of information – and then moving to the next point. And then, of course, the other thing that people can see here is your price

point. So if the price is a red flag  (which I have another video about elsewhere on my channel, so go be sure to check that out)  if that’s red flag, that’s something you need to be thinking about. And again, pricing is so

hard to judge… you don’t want to be overpriced, you don’t want to be underpriced. You don’t want to be the exact same price as what everybody else is doing. So there’s a lot of strategies there too, why people are seeing you in search, but they may not be choosing to proceed to talk to you. Okay

! So speaking of talking to you, now let’s say that you’re getting clicks – people are on your page, they’re looking around, but they’re just not converting.  Gig description now comes into play because if your gig description isn’t clear – or potentially,  let’s say you’re a writer, and there are mistakes in it, you know that’s a giant red flag.  Um… and also your FAQ. If people automatically don’t get a vibe from you that you are really helpful,

or maybe they have so many questions that you’re clearly not answering any of them, make sure your  FAQ is fleshed out and being utilized. And again, that’s another thing that in the magical algorithm,  they are putting a

lot of tools at your disposal. And if you’re not using all of them, it’s not going to look like you are ready for people to come and visit your gig page, according to the magic of the search engine. Right, okay! Another thing would be the video. I strongly recommend…  (and again another video on my channel tons of information here – um go check that out!) The video is

important because it allows you to show who you are, answer questions, make a personal connection, and make people want to talk to you. So if you’re not using that at all, make sure you are. If you’re using it and it’s not coming across in a friendly, personable, credible way,  then that’s not going

to be helpful for you, right? Um, the other thing to take note of at this stage is the question of – are people messaging you for questions or are they literally just looking at your page and then leaving? So if they are looking at

your page and then messaging you and you’re getting a lot of inbox messages, that’s kind of a good sign because it shows they’re one step further in the journey, but that also shows that although people are interested in what they have…  or – what YOU have to offer, they’re

interested in your skills, they feel like you’re pretty well credibly standing out (I don’t know if that made sense)… they still don’t feel like it’s clear.  So that shows that you can improve clarity on your gig page to make sure that people can go straight from looking at your page to ordering right away. And that’s to say, I personally ask that everyone message me before

ordering, and I don’t want people to just go straight to my gig page and place the order, but that’s probably because I’m in a different place in my career and busyness level than you are, if you are watching this video. So I would recommend making it as clear as possible so that people can go

ahead and immediately place an order with you and not get distracted by shopping around with other people and then – hey, you lost the sale. If you notice that no one is messaging you,  that’s a red flag that maybe your price

is too high or too… No, I’ll just say too high for the level of credibility that you are putting out. If it’s too low, but your credibility is super,  super good, they would probably message you – right? That looks like a scenario where they would probably say like, “I’m really impressed with your portfolio,

I’m really impressed with your video and your photos and your faq. How in the world is this really worth $5? Am I reading your  packages right?” Like, you would be getting that kind of a question. And if your prices are too high but your credit doesn’t match, you’re probably not going to get that kind of question.  If your price is too high but your credit is okay, then you’ll

probably get the question of like,  “Hey – I’m really interested in working with you but it might be out of my budget,” or, “Can you offer a  discount?” Um sometimes I get that kind of question too, from someone who’s

interested but they think that potentially with the budget that they have, my prices might be too high. So that’s one way I look at pricing and taking in information of people talking to me to get kind of a clearer picture of where they are in the process. Alright, we’ve got about 33 seconds left. I think

that’s basically all of the information II wanted to cover. That’s kind of how I would recommend troubleshooting.  If you’re not seeing orders, go backward. If you’re not seeing clicks, go backward. If you’re not seeing

impressions, then you have to start way at the beginning and make sure that you’re just getting eyeballs on you because, at every step of the process, you need to be promoting credibility:  making sure that your skills are very clear and sellable; you have a personality that people want to work with;

you look friendly; you look on top of it you; look timely. I haven’t mentioned the delivery timer! Play around with that as well – it changes with how people see you in search and what people are going to be expecting with the quality and the price that you’re selling things on.