Green Tower Investments Review 2021- Why I Think Trading Platform Will Make Waves In Trading World. (

A few weeks ago, I met a young trader who told me about his experience and disappointment because he lacked knowledge and lost much money in his beginning days in the trading world. Naturally, I could relate to him as his disappointment reminded me of my own time when I first landed in the trading industry.

I am a trader with some financial adviser experience of 15 years and have seen a lot in the trading industry, and when I claim I’ve seen a ton, I’m referring to all the significant changes the trading industry has gone through. Unfortunately, I did not have the proper knowledge to select a decent broker with honest representatives who could give me good guidance during that time. However, I kept going with the flow, oblivious because I was losing money without any proper strategy.

A decade ago, people traded in person, where they had to go to offices to make trading themselves. But now, in this new era, the trading game has changed due to the new age of digitalization and enhanced trade opportunities. What you need to remain in the game is an internet-connected electronic device. But believe me when I say it isn’t as easy as it seems. 

We often hear reports of young traders being robbed in today’s world. Unfortunately, because of the vast number of scams that have flooded the markets, this is the case. As a result, many seasoned traders’ lives have become wretched, making it difficult for young traders to find a professional outlet that is more like a needle in a haystack. So, the boy I mentioned earlier convinced me that I needed to reconsider my site, Green Tower Investments before joining. This way, I will be able to determine whether or not I need to enter this platform and get a better idea of what features I should look for in a broker.

I am confident that by the time you get to the end of my review, you will make an informed decision, but I don’t want you to read a summary and make a decision right away. It’s always a good idea to take the advice of others seriously, but don’t forget to do your homework as well. 

Since all traders have different backgrounds and therefore different needs, a particular platform can be perfect for one trader but awful for others. Even if an effective network aims to appeal to a wide range of trading needs, the consumer bears the responsibility for ensuring the availability of up-to-date services.

The key to success is performance. Efficiency is a big concept and a broad word because there is so much to be effective in a successful platform. I will go over each of these elements one by one.

  • Customer Service:

So, the first thing that this platform excels at is its customer service. This is one of the services that must be flawless for the customer and the company to have a long-term relationship. Green Tower Investments continues to assure customers that they will be taken care of in the future.

This broker has made it easy for consumers to approach qualified representatives by providing various communication alternatives. Calls, Live Chats, E-mails, and Form submissions are among them. All of these are receptive in a similar way. Unfortunately, the call option is unavailable to users outside Australia, the United Kingdom, and Canada. I understand that this is a common issue for most brokers, but I wish Green Tower Investments stood out like so many others in this regard.

The members of the platform are highly knowledgeable, well-trained, friendly, and courteous. I never once thought they were impolite by asking odd questions. They are extensively trained to deal with new and seasoned traders who will contact them. 

  • Education is quite important!

The education section of the website is tailored to the needs of its visitors. As I previously said, a diverse group of people works here, so the education section contains information for traders at both the primary and advanced levels. This encourages the young ones to read more complex material, while the older ones can brush up on their fundamentals. This is a prevalent topic among traders.

eBooks, FAQs, Asset Index and a glossary are all included in this section. One of the most admirable aspects is that how the glossary has been organized. For example, you come across a new word and can quickly look it up in the glossary section’s Initial letter list. In addition, the FAQs have been categorized by subject. This eliminates the need to keep wandering around the webpage. 

The eBooks segment is my personal favorite. The amount of detailed knowledge available there is unrivaled. A summary paragraph below the title gives you an idea of the book’s contents. The eBooks are open to all for free, and I can read them without being a member. However, this site, like any other on the forums, is not without flaws. The eBooks on this page are not frequently updated. The same can be said for the glossary and FAQs. I’m sure that, given the pace at which this platform is developing, I am sure they will be adding new material soon.

  • Execution of the Order:

Another highly effective element is the execution of the orders. Unfortunately, because of the market’s rising volatility and uncertainty, I can’t manage anything but a pause in executing my orders. This is because even a fraction of a second of delay will cost me millions of dollars. Unfortunately, in one of my most recent websites, this is precisely what happened to me. I had to pay a high price in terms of financial losses because the machines I was using were incapable of handling a large volume of customer orders and kept crashing.

This is why most of the transactions occurred at inopportune times, and the company had structured their order execution policies so that they could not be held liable, regardless of the size of your loss. Well, I don’t want to go into too much depth here, but for the time being, this is another thing one should be confident of before signing up with any broker.

  • Tools and Features:

The facilities that this broker offers were one of the main reasons for its success. Green Tower Investments has recognized the rising need for these resources and now offers them all under one roof. The stocks bar, which keeps moving and updating you on the stock prices, is one of my favorites. The date and time bar at the top also aids traders to make timely decisions. 

There are little features that this platform provides that makes the whole experience of trading enjoyable. Another feature that I liked is the details of the expiry rule and the respective trading hours of an asset in the “Asset Index”. However, one thing that I noticed that this platform does not provide a variety of dialect and if they had, many of my friends would have enjoyed this platform as I have. There is “live chat” option embed on all webpages. I find it convenient as I don’t have to leave a certain webpage, I am working on in order to contact a representative for my query.

I would also like to appreciate the platform’s choice of color contrast for the background theme. I find it quite intriguing unless like most of the platform they are usually dark in color. The font color, style and size stand out and is appealing to eye.

The payment method is another feature that is admirable. They provide their clients with 3 alternatives. Maestro, Mastercard and Bank wire. I have always opted for the bank wire and so far, have not come across with any difficulties.

Assets and charts:

Traders can pick an asset from the rundown at the chart’s left hand. The clients would first pick which kind of tool they want, the asset class (forex or files), and the particular investment, for example, going from EUR/USD to Facebook stock. When a market is chosen, the price chart for that market will be revived.

Trader may likewise use the ‘tabs’ over the assets rundown of the trading platform page to rapidly change to assets or markets that they have recently traded. Open positions would likewise show up as a different tab here, making online trading a breeze for me. 

The price chart shows all applicable trading details. The chart will show the current price developments, yet vertical lines will be overlaid on the chart to show the price if particular time interval.

The Last Words:

Green Tower Investments has made my trading venture not only simpler but much more enjoyable. I must admit that the forum came to my rescue at precisely the right time. The platform does all it can to provide me with the best trading experience possible, and this approach causes me to overlook minor flaws. There were so many features that I could not cover in this review. However, I wish you luck in your quest for the right trading platform.

Disclaimer: This review is written from my own experience and my self-knowledge only and this is not a recommendation.