Golden-Gate review 2021

Golden-Gate review 2021 – Is This Broker Legit? (

What makes a forex trading platform stand out from the rest of the completion? I had this question in mind for a long time while I was on a hunt for a trading platform. After much research and experience, I have cracked the question, finally! What makes a forex trading platform stand out among other competitors can’t simply be a one-word answer.

A good platform does not consist of one particular feature instead it is built on many features like security regulation, account types, customer service, education center, assets tools, chart, etc. it is easier to distinguish which platforms deserve your attention and when these can be found In good quality.

Today I have chosen to write a review on Golden-Gate, a platform that I have been associated with for some time now. I was attracted to this platform because of the features I have mentioned above. Once I found the Golden-Gate platform, I only had to examine the broker’s quality of services and some other characteristics as well which I will discuss in this review as well. The platform has a good amount of assets classification that’s well over 200 and includes CFDs, Indices, Commodities, Crypto, and Currency.

You can choose whichever asset you want to invest in. Upon using some of the services and browsing the website I noticed fast execution, some tight spreads, a variety of account types, and some educated platform representatives. So, let’s begin with each feature that Golden-Gate has to offer its clients.

Platform Execution

I thought Platform execution would be an easy way to get into the details of this review as platform execution involves many things like speed of the platform, layout, design, color scheme, registration, speedy transaction, etc. Firstly, when I knew that Golden-Gate had all the features I was looking for I decided to create my account instant.

The whole registration process took me far less than five minutes. They asked for my email ID, first and last time, phone number, and a security code. Then they sent me an email for verification. As soon as I verified my account, I was ready to start my trading venture.

The platform does not have an extensive registration process but for further verification, the broker may ask for additional documents like government ID, driver’s license, or a picture of you. but those are asked when the platform wants to make sure of your identity and ensure that you are safe.

The whole layout of the platform was simple to browse. The platform is not very complex, so you cannot be lost while looking for something specific. The color scheme is well thought out because a trading platform requires bright colors due to which you should be able to distinguish the chart and make a proper analysis.

The layout of the platform includes limited integrated pages like Trading Platform, Account types, Education, and Info. The main page is fairly simple which shows some of the characteristics features of the platform and the sign-up option that is easier to locate.

Chart, Tools, & Assets

The Chart to me was an enjoyable factor to investigate. It is made completely customizable with a lot of tools attached to its left side. You can zoom in and zoom out using the panel that is on the bottom of the chart. There are options like chart intervals which vary from 1 minute, 5 minutes, 15 minutes, and goes till 1 month. There are multiple choices for chart indicators and chart types. In most platforms, the chart type is the same as that is Candlestick, and they don’t offer many

options. Golden-Gate at this moment is offering five distinct chart types. My preferred chart style spline. It depends on what the trader is comfortable with and what engaged them to make the best analysis from the chart.

There is a list of tools that is present for all members of the platform. On the left side of the trading platform page, there is a list of assets that you can choose from. basically, the most equipped page of the entire platform may as well be the one including the chart.

You can choose an option like Trade, Positions, Closed positions, Deposit, Funds, and Account Statement. I always prefer to be able to look at the trending stocks and this platform has the option to list all assets according to most to least trending, Daily change percentage, and via name. You can also alphabetically list your assets.


The education center includes;

·        eBooks

·        FAQ

·        Glossary

·        Asset index

This trading platform has figured out how to present all informative material in its education center. This portion is vital for novice traders. The new traders, however, even master brokers will likewise locate the material to be helpful for them. The categorical course of action incorporates eBooks, Glossary, FAQs, and Asset Index.

While these may seem like expansive choices, the brokers will find it to be helpful. The eBooks incorporate an assortment of perusing material that will help traders catch up on their abilities. Basic level trade books have additionally been resourced to help fledgling brokers discover their way through the brutal market. I saw that the books were obsolete. The platform could accomplish more in such a manner.

Since the platform offers a wide scope of terminologies in the glossary, it likewise assisted me to understand the trading lingo and converse with others using the correct terminology as well. Each tradable asset is in order sorted. Brokers can gain admittance to the most crucial data.


Golden-Gate comprehends the predominant impact of innovation. This is the reason each tool is advanced to stay aware of the innovative highlights related to them. This trading platform deals with an electronic worker. It tends to be gotten to from any gadget with a consistent web association. Since I travel a lot, I was able to trade from anyplace around the globe. It is only that simple. This is unquestionably something principal. It made me feel like I had the worldwide market readily available.

This trading platform has burnt through some effort on the plan of its site. They have incorporated the immaculate execution of the trade. The trade has been made simple as well as trade examination has been made significantly simpler with market investigation tools.

You won’t wind up out of the market. The trading scene will be directly readily available. This platform is really clear with its administration highlights and that is what I like, a straightforward platform.

The security regulations presented by the platform are well in precepts with the laws. You can depend on them to defend your resources. Golden-Gate has instructed its workforce to showcase its trade highlights. The agents incorporate the account supervisors and the assistance administrators that help you clear your path through the market. These traders helped me make a reasonable trade and assisted me with any issue that I had while utilizing the trading tools.

This is the reason the assistance administrators make up a particularly solid piece of the viable supportive network. It doesn’t make a difference how experienced a trader you are, there are consistently unforeseeable issues that one may confront. This is the place where help from the platform’s accomplished workforce comes in. They generally give out additional trade information. This will help support your confidence and help build a compelling trade system.


Client support addresses a ton about the trading platform. This demonstrates their position as a solid trading platform. Golden-Gate profoundly relies upon how fulfilled their customers are.

Taking into account how predominant forex trading platforms have become, it is difficult to stand apart from the group. In any case, Golden-Gate has figured out how to construct a separate standing for itself. It is a direct result of their client care that they can comprehend the necessities of their customers. Traders can straightforwardly speak with the representatives to convey their message.

The client care of a trading platform considers its overall overhauling of trade tools. Golden-Gate has started a trend in such a manner. They have figured out how to discover congenial methods for contact with their clients. I had the opportunity to get in contact with the platform’s agents through a call, live chat, or email.

The working hours are Monday to Friday 09:00 am – 1:00 am GMT for calls. This technique isn’t practical for all nations. This makes it hard for traders arranged in different nations. In any case, they can generally settle on different methods.

I for one favored the live chat over any remaining alternatives. I discovered it to be more proficient. You can convey your idea all in due time. You don’t need to keep an eye out for administration administrators to fix you through. The administrators are quicker on the live visit. While a few brokers lean toward the email strategy, I found that the email demands take some time and some effort to overcome.


The platform does include all features that are required in a good platform and their services are also quality based. It has some good platform representatives that hold the support system and solve any client issues. Overall, I would say this platform has got what it takes to entice clients to offer them a useful platform for the long term.