Event Videos: Are They Another Social Media Marketing Tactic?

An event is a fantastic way to get the name of your company out there, and of course, it also gets people talking about your products! In this day and age, however, planning a successful event is only half the battle. You need to plan for video coverage of the event itself while also making it known that you’ll have ample footage on your social media pages.

A well shot and carefully edited video can showcase all of the great aspects of your event. Most importantly, while it engages your target audience, it also has the ability to boost your sales and promote your business. Even if you’re not an expert videographer, there are a few steps you can take to achieve the desired results. It all comes down to careful planning and capturing those perfect moments!

Plan In Advance

Sure, you can leave capturing great footage of your event to chance, but you’ll get much better footage if you plan ahead for the shots. The purpose of the video is to show the best portions of your event and to entice viewers to interact with your brand.

The kind of style and approach you need to use for your video greatly depends on a number of factors. First and foremost, you need to consider your industry and second, you should keep in mind your ultimate goal for the video. What is your video meant to accomplish? Of course, the more important major aspects of your video require some thought beforehand, so plan accordingly!

Take the time to think about the ideal length of your video and which parts of the event you wish to capture. If you have noteworthy individuals present, you will also want to include them in your video. Use this information to create an itinerary for shooting your video and work on scheduled time. This is the only surefire way to ensure you have captured everything you wanted to, and perhaps, more!

Start With The Proper Equipment

The kind of equipment you’ll need to employ greatly depends on the overall look you want to achieve. For example, if your ultimate goal is a fast and fun video, it’s best to use several cameras with trained operators to capture moments from different angles.

Due to the nature of the event, you’ll have to prepare yourself and your staff to film the footage in real-time. There’s no practice or do-overs in case things go wrong. This is perhaps one of the most convincing reasons to have several cameras ready for action.

Sound and lighting are another crucial aspect of getting your video right. Your event is going to have noisy people and indecipherable dialogue, so you need to prepare to film in loud conditions.  

This entails selecting your equipment carefully to work well with the environment you’re in. This also applies to supplying appropriate lighting for your videos. Bear in mind, your lighting choices may look fantastic in person, but your cameras will capture them differently. All in all, use common sense when gathering equipment for the video!

Get Professional Help If Necessary

No one likes to admit defeat, but chances are you’re not a professional videographer. There’s no reason to burden yourself with something you’re not fully trained to do. A specialized videography company can help you capture meaningful footage of your event while also giving you a peace of mind.

When you choose to work with professionals, you get the added security of knowing you’re working with people who have years of field experience and know how to use their equipment. They can capture moments you didn’t think possible all the while you can mingle and enjoy your event!

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