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Cryptme: Cryptocurrency Exchange Full Review 2021 + Rating (

•                  Ease of Use 8.8/10•                  Customer service 8.3/10
•                  Compatibility 7.9/10•                  Tools and Features 8.4/10

Digital currency is turning out to be more mainstream today. This has incited an increment in the prominence of digital money exchanges among exchangers as well as among the average clients. These computerized platforms furnish exchangers with the opportunity to procure a lot of trending cryptocurrencies progressively. Also, they give a ton of accommodating data that encourages new exchangers to get to know the particularity of their services.

 I am here to write on the Cryptme exchange platform that I found last year when cryptocurrency blasted. I discovered that Cryptme possesses the main feature among present-day computerized platforms made for making exchanges utilizing electronic coins. Cryptme showed up on the digital money market a couple of years ago. It got acclaimed among various customers around the globe. I wanted to write this article committed to the full review of this digital currency exchange. So, let’s start with some obvious pros and cons that I came across on the platform and which I will discuss later on as well.

Compatible with Ethereum and Bitcoin crypto exchangesFewer dialects
Relatively modest evaluating alternativesExchanging only BTC, ETH and LTC
Best Rates 
Easy Registration 
Security – 2FA protection 
Customer service – Email, Phone, Live Chat 

About Cryptme

Cryptme is a digital currency exchanging platform intended to help provide you computerized exchanging services. The platform has more than 33,000 clients and sees more than a lot more in exchanging volume every day.

Cryptme is moderately easy to utilize, making it a decent alternative for crypto exchangers evaluating exchanging rates interestingly. Furthermore, Cryptme works with the most significant digital currency exchanges and offers an exchange interface that adds risk management tools to have a secure platform where you have the access to be tension-free when dealing with your funds.

It is not difficult to register on the virtual cryptocurrency exchange platform. Registration on the platform I believe does not require a ton of individual information. Deposit and withdrawal exchanges additionally didn’t cause troubles for me, I really thought that the process went very smoothly. Whenever I had any inquiries or troubles during the exchanging the customer care staff was consistently there to assist me with tackling them as quickly as time permitted.

The above characteristics are very important key factors for Cryptme to become a successful exchanging platform. I made some beneficial exchanges as well as got proficient help and got to know the effective news about cryptocurrency and exchanges with them here.

 I didn’t necessarily face any issues with the platform while exchanging but I did find it to be operating a little slow at certain hours but since it is a fairly new platform, I suppose they are working on it. Overall, the platform was very smooth to operate and my exchanges were always on time.

Simple to use exchange platform 8.8/10

Cryptme isn’t the only exchanging administration accessible to digital currency exchangers, however, it stands apart for being generally reasonable in rates and moderately simple to utilize. Cryptme is genuinely straightforward to begin exchanging within any event, for the individuals who haven’t utilized an exchanging platform before. It likewise helps that Cryptme works with a particularly expansive scope of well-known cryptocurrency exchanges.

While I was using the platform, I noticed how it would benefit the new exchanging clients because of how simple the platform is designed. For me, registration only took less than 5 minutes, and the security protocols and verification took a little time but that is expected since the platform takes security very seriously. There is nothing complicated about the platform whatsoever. I was surprised to see that everything was available on the main page. I didn’t even have to get to any other page to make my exchanges.

So, yes, as far as the simplicity of the platform is concerned Cryptme has done a very job. If anyone does end up thinking that something is lacking, then they might point out the drawn-out verification process but still, I would say that at the end of the day it is specifically designed to protect you and taking time to ensure the verification is done right is important and it works out for the long haul.

Custom Support Service 8.3/10

The cryptocurrency exchange furnishes clients with excellent help administrations. If you experience issues identified with the usefulness of the advanced platform or straightforwardly purchasing or selling cryptocurrency, you ought to send a quick message to the client care staff. You will get a certified answer with well-organized clarifications in a brief timeframe. What I liked the best about this exchanging platform is that they offer multiple alternatives to contact them.

I was able to contact them via Phone line, email, and even Live. Obviously, I found the live chat more useful. Customer service can delay at the time but not ever more than 5 minutes. I always had the response quickly, so I didn’t face any issues in this regard as well. The platform does not provide contact via social media as they offer those options.

Registration on Cryptme 8.7/10

Registering on Cryptme is straightforward. For me, it required close to 1-2 minutes, even for new clients it wouldn’t take the long register. I actually filled out a basic registration form where I had to provide information like:

•                  User name

•                  Valid email address

•                  Password

•                  Phone number

Affirmation of the email address is needed to finish the registration process. I had to follow the link that was sent to my email address specified during registration. The Cryptme makers suggest enacting 2-factor verification. This will expand the degree of security of your account from hacking.

Another security detail that the platform has is the KYC method while registration on the digital currency exchange. This permits every client to exchange without having to ever worry about the funds or personal information. You will be the one in particular who will know about your exchanges.

Could Cryptme be Considered a Safe and Reliable Cryptocurrency Exchange? 8.8/10

The makers of the advanced platform guarantee that there has been no instance of hacking the cryptocurrency exchange platform to date. This demonstrates that it has a genuinely undeniable degree of security and unwavering quality. However, how could this be accomplished?

Today, Cryptme utilizes various safety efforts that guarantee the dependable assurance of client data and assets:

•                  Cold digital currency wallets.

•                  Tracking dubious movement and promptly obstructing.

•                  Measures to forestall SSL encryption and DDOS attacks.

•                  Secure exchanges utilizing KYC policy.

Nonetheless, this is a not complete rundown of measures taken by the makers of the computerized platform to secure the assets of every customer. Extra insurance is likewise given by:

•                  2FA protection of your account from unapproved access by hackers.

•                  You will get a message to your email each time you sign in to your account. This permits you to follow your account activity and keep unapproved clients from getting to it.

•                  A secure password that is hard to track down. The client should make a solid password that comprises a blend of letters, symbols, and numbers. Recall that you should not tell anybody regarding it.

Clearly, the makers and engineers of the computerized platform have worked effectively to guarantee a significant degree of security on it. On the off chance that you choose to take an interest in exchanging platforms on Cryptme, you will not have to stress over the wellbeing of your assets.


The developing prominence of the digital currency industry is a pointer that this is a genuinely encouraging turn of events. An expanding number of individuals are focusing on digital currency exchanges. In my research, for the finding of a well-balanced exchanging platform Cryptme took a high point in the ranking of the most well-known virtual platforms intended for making exchanges with advanced coins as well as with Fiat funds.

This digital money exchange has been available for a very long time for all kinds of exchangers. It has accomplished the acknowledgment of numerous clients during this period. The team of makers of the virtual exchanging platform ensures an undeniable degree of security of individual information and assets for every client. You can make exchanges and remain totally unknown today.

Cryptme underpins various payment frameworks, from which every client can pick the one that suits him the vast majority of all. Deposit and withdrawal activities don’t take a lot of time. I guess the platform could increase the dialects to make sure different nations can make use of their services. Also, I would like to point out that the platform does not necessarily give a lot of in-depth educational material or for expert traders which is an added factor that Cryptme can work on.

The digital currency exchange offers a certified help administration to clients nonstop on any day of seven days. You can make productive exchanges and bring in genuine cash here. Overall, I have been a satisfied customer on this platform, and I have made some successful exchanges to know that security and rates are much better on this platform as compared to any other exchanging platform.  

Disclaimer: This review is written from my own experience and my self-knowledge only and this is not a recommendation. I cannot be responsible for any inconvenience that might occur trading/exchanging with this company.