Creating A Video That Gets Results

Video marketing is one of the most effective ways to get your message across to your audience. It can do wonders in boosting your rank in the SERPs, otherwise known as the search engine result pages. It can convince your audience on the reasons why your product is the best on the market. It can help your buyers learn how to get the most from the product that they have purchased.

While you know how powerful video marketing can be, how would you go about creating a video that gets results? Here are some tips that can help you get started.

1) Get to know your audience and create a video that will convert them.

Videos come in many flavors. The key is knowing which flavor your audience prefers. Do they like animation? Do they prefer a close-up of an expert talking about the product? Do they like humor? How would you choose your approach?

Learn the characteristics about your target demographic and create your front-face accordingly. What are the demographics of your audience? What line of business are they connected with? 

After the demographic fact-finding, consider what kinds of problems they might face daily. What issues are they trying to solve? What drives them? 

Based on these characteristics, create a fictitious customer who represents your target. What kind of video would this person be drawn to watch?

Once you get to know your audience at a deeper level, you will figure out how to talk to them.

2) Set a goal for your video.

What results would you like your video to achieve? Perhaps you want to educate your employees. Maybe you want to bring in more sales. Or perhaps you want to improve efficiency on various processes in your operation. The goal of this video should be clearly identified.

Planning is the key to a successful video. Nail down the key points that you want to drive across to make sure your video will address them all. Having the plan laid out clearly before you film will make the production process go a lot smoother.

Research has shown that viewers are the most attentive during the first two minutes of a video. After that, their attention span wanes. Some people won’t even watch a video longer than two minutes. So, ideally, create a video that is no longer than two minutes in duration. Anything longer will risk your losing viewership.

Two minutes are not a lot of time to get your points across, so you cannot get off-topic at any time or else you’ll lose your audience. Being laser-focused in your message is critical. Keep your eye on the goal that you want to achieve.

3) Create a message that is different from the rest.

You offer your potential customers something special that no other company can offer. Words cannot do it justice because they have to see it to believe it. This is where video marketing comes in.

A strategically-crafted video produced by professionals allows you to engage your audience in an experience. They can see, hear, and feel what you want them to experience from this product. They can be immersed in a story that appeals to their emotions – a story that will drive your message across.

A little more than half of the population watch some kind of video on the web everyday. Half of the people who surf the web look for videos that relate to something that they want to buy, whether it is for a service or a product. So, the right video can help sway them to make a decision to buy your product rather than your competitor’s.

A video can send a powerful message to your customers that your company is superior to your competition. If you want to gain an advantage over your competition, call Burn Media Group  and let’s talk about it today. Our video production expert will show you how we can propel you to the top of your game.