brighten up your day

brighten up your day

brighten up your day 4 Types of Light Fixtures to Install at Home

It is highly important for your house to have the proper light fixtures perfect for good lighting and convenient for practical uses. Imagine a house that’s not installed with the lighting necessary for you and your family to

have a functional life; it’s so hard just by imagining it.  When your house is newly built or when you are having it under renovation, you must let your new home builders know your desired light fixture, so they can

establish or redesign your house as necessary. As home building experts, they can help you decide on that too.  To assist you in knowing what light fixtures are there to choose from, check out the list below!  

brighten up your day

1. PendantsPendants are especially noticeable in malls, hotels, restaurants and other establishments that show quite the aesthetic. Good news is that you can also often see this stylish light fixture in typical modern homes.

That means you can have yours at home too! That said, pendant light fixtures are basically the ones that you see suspended from the ceiling with a rod, chain, cord, or any sort of material that can be used to hang lights

from. They are usually found over tables and kitchen islands because they give off pretty ambient lighting.  Pendants usually provide very cosmetic elements to the room and because of that, it emphasizes the atmosphere of

the place. Pendant lights are usually very elegant, and they often give off the mood and look of an impressive home. 2. Ceiling Mounted Lights

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PinterestCeiling mounted lights are the ones that most of you are familiar with. In the majority of households, ceiling mounted lights are usually utilized.  As the name suggests, ceiling mounted lights are light fixtures that

are directly attached on the ceiling. Some examples of this type of light fixture is the one that most know and love and is often found in common homes: LED light bulbs and fluorescent lamps. They are affordable, easy to

install compared to other light fixtures and pretty efficient too.  Ceiling mounted lights go with a variety of designs and accentuating touches that provide a great feel and effect to the atmosphere of a room. Some ceiling

mounted lights are also frequently concealed by a thin layer of material such as fabric, glass, colored glass, and a bunch of other unique designs that can easily fit into your house. 3. Table Lamps

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Table lamps are one of the simple yet great inventions that are under the light fixture category. Time and again, they are used as task lights because of their very flexible nature. The bodies and bases of these table lamps are often adjustable and versatile and can redirect the direction of light brighten up your day. 

 They can be used for simply providing light in reading books. They can provide light on a particular location only, especially in dark rooms where people are sleeping, like in bedrooms. You can prevent disturbing others as you can fix it and adjust it to only face in a specific direction and brighten up your day.

This will serve to be very helpful in a series of tasks, hence being called a task light. An uncomplicated and convenient device that can be used for day-to-day tasks, especially in the evening.  4. Recessed Lights

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Flickr – OsseousRecessed lights are similar to ceiling mounted lights. However, instead of precisely being secured to the ceiling, they are directly flushed together with the ceiling.  Recessed lights are located on top or

rather above the ceiling so that the light’s body — the system and circuits —is hidden. With a bulb that is fixed in the ceiling, they cannot be seen.  Compared to ceiling mounted light fixtures which are usually easily detected, recessed lighting is more unnoticed because it is located in the

same level with the ceiling, but it probably needs a few inches of space just on top for application or installation.  The lighting they give off can be used for lots of applications such as increasing the ambience or atmosphere of

the room or place, depending on the number of other light fixtures present. >>> brighten up your day!There you have those 4 light fixtures which you can have installed at home. They have their unique benefits that truly make

them sought after and suitable for houses!  Know what you need in your own house, and get them in no time! Brighten up your house with the light fixtures that will help you have a comfortable life inside a well-lit

home! AUTHOR BIONicole Ann Pore is a writer, an events host and a voice over artist. Travel, health, shopping, lifestyle and business are among the many subjects she writes about. She is a daytime writer for Horizon Homes,

a boutique home building and designing company in Australia. Nicole graduated Cum Laude from De La Salle University Manila, Philippines with a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Arts.