Alex Ojjeh Steps Out To Get Coffee in Armored Truck

Alex Ojjeh has never lived his life under the public eye, especially being listed as a private investor/private owner as his company peaked in assets. As he faces another round of accusations his presence has been attracting attention lately, even when he does a mundane task like getting coffee. Ojjeh was spotted leaving Starbucks building Sunday night. What stood out was the time Alex stayed inside. Finally, Alex slipped on his Twitter account where he explained what was going on, “I went to Starbucks & the cashier was telling me about his poetry,” he said making a remark about wanting an extra shot of expresso.

Alex was there with one security guard and a lady. We aren’t sure who the woman accompanying him was, but it looks like maybe the investor is prepared for a victory in the upcoming trial. Footage reveals Ojjeh departing in an armored black Cadillac Escalade ESV.

Last week Ojjeh said “This is the worst year ever” which appeared to be about the drama he faced being pushed out of his company.

Alex may be a funny guy, but a history of violence has followed him. Alex has somewhat of an unethical reputation for a businessman. While he mostly stays private Alex is known for allegedly being involved in crimes that led to his prison sentence. In 2011 Alex was suspected to be involved in drug trafficking but was not convicted. Detail claimed that Alex was overseeing the Hong Kong warehouse and was not aware of any immoral or illegal acts. The charge was dropped by the court, but the investor was charged with money laundering. Ojjeh is set to appear at court on Tuesday morning regarding new suspicions and has been barred from leaving the United States for two months. 

Officials say the investor believes he should not be restricted since he has not been charged with anything. However, with the U.S securities requesting his cooperation currently he is complying with the terms arranged by District court on last Wednesday, spending his nights at Starbucks.

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