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In the current COVID-19 outbreak, many of us are working from home. Accomplishing office-like potency from home is very difficult. We might not have any professional support that we regularly get at our offices and workplace. One such essential tool is a PDF generating software. But nowadays there are many smart PDF converter apps that generate PDFs in no time.

A document is a significant part of our work life, especially during the remote work condition. From sharing essential work-related information to creating a product flow- everywhere we need PDF file formats. With the best PDF scanner apps, you can scan documents and convert them into PDFs. Also, you can use post-scan filters( to give your PDF black and white look) with such apps.

Convert Your PDFs In Black & White Using Your Android Devices

Scanning a document and converting it into PDF is easy with a smart PDF converter app. You can anytime use Black and white filter to give your document a timeless effect.

Why Do We Need a PDF Converter App?

Mostly, a document scanner app is all we need to scan any documents. But if you need PDFs you should have a PDF converter app.

  • A PDF converter app is the easiest way to generate PDFs. It creates PDF files in no time.
  • As PDFs are smaller in size, we usually use this format for easy file transfer. PDF converter apps are your go-to PDF solution. You can anytime get PDFs with just a single click.
  • PDFs are universal file formats. Everyone prefers to use it. And with the PDF maker app, you can always carry it in your device. It is quick and accurate.
  • PDF file formats are reliable and easily movable. just imagine if you get a smart PDF scanner app, you can always carry it everywhere.
  • PSDFs are globally acknowledged as a professional file format. So at times if you need something urgently in PDF format, you can go to your device and in seconds generate a PDF with a PDF scanner app.
  • A PDF scanner app is a one-stop solution for many PDF related issues. You can anytime edit your PDFs to enhance its quality with post-scan filters. You can easily save and share them.

FlashScan: The Best PDF Converter App

FlashScan is one of the best PDF converter and Indian document scanner app. Here are some of its features at glance.

  • FlashScan scans all types of papers. Easily produce clear and sharp high-quality PDF with this PDF scanner app.
  • The OCR feature is an expert text extractor. It reads the text thoroughly and also supports translation. Users can access OCR to translate scanned documents from English to different languages.
  • The post-scan filters like Grey Mode, Magic Color, and Black &White 1,2 are excellent features that increase scanned properties.
  • It is a one-stop scanning solution that also offers reliable QR and Barcode scans.
  • You can make various page-sized PDFs such as Letter, Legal, Tabloid, Ledger, Executive, A3, A4, A5 with this PDF scanner app.
  • Anytime sort your documents with the Sort By feature. It makes your device clean from a digital mess.
  • Generate original or compressed quality of PDFs in no time.
  • Before saving your PDF you can also name it by a system-generated option, Pick the aspired name if you want to.

How To Generate PDF File And Convert It Into Black And White?

Creating PPDFs and converting them into black and white is easy with FlashScan. It also offers many other exciting ost-scan filters. Follow the below-mentioned steps to get timeless PDFs.

Step 1: Download the FlashScan app and go to the home screen. Tap on the Doc Scanner and you can find the media and camera button here.

Step 2: Hit the camera button and take a precise photo of a document that you want to scan.

Step 3:  Now you can access various post-scan filters before saving the scan. Choose the Black and White 1 filter to make your PDF timeless. Choose black and white 2 for a classic professional look. Save your scanned result as PDF.

Step 4: Here you can pick file size for your PDF. You can choose from Letter, Legal, Ledger, Executive, A3, A4, A5. By default page size is A4. Name your file and choose its quality(original or compressed) A compressed file size is easy for sharing.

FlashScan is the best scanner app, that offers many distinct post-scan filters. You can pick Grey Mode( professional appeal), Magic Color( vibrant colorful look) also.

Concluding Notes

With this PDF maker app, generating a PDF file and converting it into black and white is a cakewalk. You can also use other brilliant post-scan filters.

Need Sharp PDFS on the go? Use FlashScan, the best PDF converter app.Powered by

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