Pakistan’s Independence Day 14 August with Wishing Script

First wish you happy independence day 14 August of all lovers worldwide

play now a most beautiful script all of you from

Syed Shamsuddin, a chum of mine, frequently receives indignant while human beings fail to expose up on time for meetings; a number of them are overdue through a day.

For pretty a while now, he has been asking the latecomers to put on calendars – in preference to watches – on their wrists in order that they might

as a minimum flip up at the appointed day, if now no longer time.

My mentor Mr Hussain Naqi, too, is huge on punctuality.

People who’ve met him or attended schooling workshops on human rights beneathneath his supervision will attest to that.

In 2003, I attended a workshop beneathneath Hussain Naqi, that the Human Rights Commission of Pakistan (HRCP) performed in Lahore.

On the second one or 0.33 day of the event, senior political analyst and journalist Imtiaz Alam walked into the hall – he become visible for the primary time

Red Revolution did now no longer make it to Pakistan on time.”

Coming again to Pakistan and timeliness, the factor I intend to elevate is ready an critical date in our country wide records – the day Pakistan got here into being.

There is a considerable notion that our us of a seemed on the sector map on 14th August 1947, however historic data screen that this be counted is a

Aziz writes on web page one hundred eighty of his ee-e book, Murder of History:

The Indian Independence Bill, which become added withinside the British Parliament on 4th July and which have become regulation on fifteenth July, laid down that the 2 new Dominions

of India and Pakistan shall come to be loose on the middle of the night of 14-15 August.

Lord Mountbatten couldn’t be found in man or woman in Karachi and New Delhi on the identical second.

Nor may want to he switch strength to India at the morning of fifteenth August after which rush to Karachi, due to the fact through that time, he might

have come to be the Governor General of the brand new Indian Dominion.

But that doesn’t suggest that Pakistan won its independence on 14th August.

The Indian Independence Act did now no longer offer for it.”

A replica of the Indian Independence Act, 1947 (available here), confirms the argument placed forth through K.

The Indian Independence Act isn’t the handiest evidence.

Former Prime Minister Chaudhry Muhammad Ali posted a ee-e book The Emergence of Pakistan, a semi-autobiographical account, in 1967.

An Urdu translation of the ee-e book, titled Zahoor-i-Pakistan, become produced through Bashir Ahmed Arshid.

An excerpt on web page 287 of Zahoor-i-Pakistan reads:

On that auspicious day, Quaid-i-Azam have become the Governor-General of Pakistan and the cupboard become sworn in, the star-and-crescent flag become hoisted, and Pakistan emerged on the sector map.

Pakistan will stay thankful to them and cherish the reminiscence of people who aren’t anyt any greater.’”

Chaudhry Muhammad Ali posted his ee-e book 22 years after Independence, and he lived on till 1980, however he in no way withdrew his statement approximately the date of Independence,

aleven though it become all through his lifetime that Pakistan started out to have a good time the Independence Day on August 14, in preference to 15, each year.

There is any other genuine supply to affirm the truth that Independence become won on fifteenth August and now no longer on 14th: A series of speeches through Muhammad Ali

The series, titled Quaid-e-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah: Speeches and Statements as Governor-General of Pakistan 1947-48, consists of a speech beneathneath the heading “Peace Within, and Peace Without” on pages 55-56.

The speech follows a brief introduction, and the primary few strains examine thus:

“Inaugurating the Pakistan Broadcasting carrier on August 15, 1947, Quaid e Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah issued following message to the state:

“’It is with emotions of best happiness and emotion that I ship you my greetings.

August 15 is the delivery day of the unbiased and sovereign country of Pakistan.'”

Quaid-i-Azam Rahmatullah Alaih: Akhri Do Saal — Manzoor A. Butt

Manzoor Ahmed Butt (who’s added on the primary web page of the ee-e book as a recipient of the Pride of Performance award) says:

“After Pakistan got here into being as an unbiased Muslim country on 14 August 1947, the statement become made at the identical night time after 12am from Lahore, Karachi and

Amidst the ones anciental and providential moments, following the recitation of Holy Quran .

Jinnah’s message of greetings to the state went on air.

“The message had already been recorded in overdue July, quickly after it have become clean that Pakistan might be created.

Three facts of this maximum critical speech were despatched to Lahore, Karachi and Peshawar radio stations via a few dependable persons.

It is the primary post-Independence radio speech through Jinnah.

“Mr Ansar Nasri, the previous Deputy Director of Radio Pakistan, translated the speech into Urdu earlier than it may be transmitted withinside the vernacular for the listeners of Radio Pakistan Peshawar.

He additionally transcribed the speech and posted it for the primary time.

Qauid-i-Azam spoke to the state straight away after Pakistan got here into being on 14 August 1947.”

Butt says that the speech went on air after 12am at the night time among 14 and 15 August, however he appears to be blind to the guideline of thumb

He does now no longer offer clean citations for this episode of records, and aleven though he offers a bibliography that consists of forty five books, he claims to

have used for his research, it’s far for the readers to determine out a connection among those books and his text.

I desire that he comes throughout this weblog and publications me in my efforts.

I am open to any corrections from anyone.

Explore: What is the maximum blatant lie taught via Pakistan textbooks?

Historical files and speeches, and books coping with records make it obtrusive that Pakistan’s Independence Day falls on fifteenth August.

Philip Ziegler, the professional biographer of the closing Viceroy of India, too, says in Mountbatten: The Official Biography, that Pakistan become created at the fifteenth of August.

Thus, a former high minister pronounces fifteenth August to be the day of Independence for Pakistan, a ee-e book posted through the Information Ministry facts the identical date, and the

biography of Lord Mountbatten and the Indian Independence Act, too, vouchsafe that our us of a come into being certainly on fifteenth August 1947.

I marvel why the date become modified afterwards and why we’ve got familiar 14th August to be the day of our Independence.

I placed the subsequent query to historians:

Are there, on this world, some other international locations which have won independence at the identical day, with joint efforts and from the identical colonial strength, however which favor to

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