Luxury Apparel Boxes for Products in 2020

The trend of using Apparel gift boxes is very traditional. Before widespread technology, many relatives, usually grandmothers, knit different articles as an endowment for their beloved ones.

This way, they show and promote their affection by making something from their own hands. Although many cultures still follow this tradition the modernization has takeover to present them more attractively.

There are now special allocated cases in which they are accessible. These cases come in different shapes and sizes to capture different demographic segmentation. This way, the ritual is still getting practiced in a more practical and presentable way. 

Apparel Packaging is your Need

The fashion industry is getting highly focused on new and emerging trends. Designers are practicing different styles and accessories to make them look more state-of-the-art and cool. For this reason, many companies started the distribution of apparel boxes to their loyal customers.

This way, they continued to increase rapid communications with them more effectively. They keep informing their users about the new items that they are going to be launched in the market.

Customers on the other hand also started publishing favorable comments about the respective manufacturers.

Due to this, many other producers also headed towards the ideal packaging to increase their share. If you also wanted to move a bit ahead, the following are the latest trends that are expected for 2020: 

Printed fabric wrap

Although textile wrapping is not a new invention, many companies are still using them. But the new thing about these custom apparel boxes is that now it is expected that the manufacturers will use printed clothing as a cover. For example, it could either be floral or any patterned that has similarities with the inside item.

People are pretty much excited when they receive an article that has an association with their ordered product. This way, users will have a unique unboxing experience as they will be able to see and feel the quality of their inside items before time. And this way the overall excitement of a receiver will also be increased. 

Matte color 

Another fascinating development that is predicted in the luxury apparel boxes would be the use of dull finishing. This is because glossy or funky color depicts the non-serious or animated feel, whereas sober colors reflect the premium class. Many companies have already adopted such shades in their packs to be more separated from others. The idea is to have a single dye tone to the whole pack and to have a muted coat to seal their elegant appearances.

Brown cover 

It is expected that in 2020 there would be plain corrugated apparel boxes with logo only. Vintage styles have always been considered as premium objects.

The new phenomena are to relive the past. Many high-end brands have already started using a simple cardboard package to reflect the decency as well as classy expressions. They only imprint their brand name along with some classy font style to reflect the antique feel. So next year their usage will be increased as well.

Abstract art

As the previous year has known to be a year of defined creativity. And because of this many manufacturers have tried different designs and prints on their cartons to support the idea. So, for the upcoming year, the same technique is to be expected for custom luxury boxes.

 The concept is to promote different cultures throughout the world by using different patterns. With the help of nonfigurative designs, the manufactures will have more options to customize their packaging as per given traditions or occasions.

They can either use full printed wrapper or allocate some space on the pack to provide such association. This way, the producers will have the opportunity to rapidly change their designs to target different customers at different times. 


The most interesting change that is expected in the apparel boxes wholesale is to go neutral. As white and black have always been considered as colors of the upper class, their further usage is also expected. Many premium brands are already using them as their common packing. So, for other high-end companies, it is expected to either use no or nude shade to replicate a sophisticated side.

The more things are simple or plain more it shows the high-quality.

The concept is to only imprint the company logo on the top lid cover and all basic information to be written on the backside of the wrapper. And for their finishing, the lamination would also be nonglossy textured.

This way, a brand message will be spread more effectively and stylishly.

The upcoming year is expected to be full of surprises and modernization. So, numerous companies have already booked their orders to speed their operations for next year.

If you also wanted to stay upgrade your speedy sales in 2020, it is better for you to make designs that are more functional and look like luxury in their demonstrations.

But you do not have to worry about the short time limit to design and launch a new item as many packing websites are already offering several updated and innovative ideas to their customers.

All you have to do is to visit their sites and choose your preferred article. And in case you want to contribute your thoughts into your final item you can use their customization services to modify their design templates. This way, you will save time and cost for your new product. Powered by

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