Best Christmas Gifts I received and want them again for Christmas

Christmas is the time of joy and celebration and lots of hallmark movies and great festivities eating along with your family members celebrating your time with them, enjoying hot cocoa in the morning, the toy drive, the enactment of Twas the night before Christmas and the other creative activities for the Christmas week they all just fill our hearts with joy and also prepare us for the coming year to start it with a positive note. We all love eating lots of carbohydrates during Christmas but there is another vital part that is related to Christmas and that is none other than gifting. We all get and exchange sorts of gifts with our friends and family members. Some of these gifts appeal to our senses, some to our heart, and some are just kept the same way as we opened them because they are of no use to us. So today I am going to share with you all my list of top 3 Christmas gifts that I have received and they were so good that I would want more and more of those gifts and yet never get tired of them. So let’s get on with it – 

1) Gift Hamper 

This was the best Christmas gift that I got on Christmas Eve of 2016. My family had sent me this gift hamper chocolate chip cookies, terrarium candles, strawberry body care kit, membership cards of my favorite shopping brands, soft toys and discount coupons from local bakeries, knitted socks, hallmark Christmas movies DVD sets and some more eatables. well, I know you all might be thinking that isn’t this too much of love but actually for me, it is not the things that I wanted for a whole year and I was just reluctant to buy them and thinking that they are yet another things which I do not need but I am really lucky that I have a family which gave me such beautiful gift hamper that I cannot forget still and of course there was sheer joy in opening all these presents that I have received but the best thing that was added, which I forgot to mention, with the present were two mason jar Xmas cake online topped with strawberries. And then, of course, it was very hard for me to control myself because the cake was so tasty that I couldn’t stop but we ate both of them at once. And most of the gifts from that time are still with me. They remind me of the fact that our family knows us better ourselves. 

2) Face Sheet Mask and Serums 

If you were like me during the Teenage years you did be obsessed with getting clear skin because when I was a teenager I had lots of pimple and other acne issues on my skin and of course at that time I was not familiar with a face sheet mask. It is only now that I started to trust these sheet masks and serums because finally, I used some and their effect was amazing on my skin so this gift I got for 2019 Christmas. It was given to me by my very close friend who knew that I was using these sheet masks from various companies and so she decided to give me my favorite sheet masks that I told her reacted best on my skin and because she is creative like me she had her way of gifting me and she added some beautiful combination of online flower delivery in Bangalore, which included tulips, Gerber daisies, dahlia and lilies, peonies and garden roses and they were boxed flowers with a very elegant look, just like I like it and the best part was that all this cost her only 50$. 

3) Jewelry 

When I hear jewelry I want to shop it as much as possible and in varied designs for different types of outfits. It is amazing to wear them and just the fact that I look dazzling in those pieces of jewelry. For the Christmas of 2018, my parents gave me 3 pendants from three different places so one of them was all gold, the other one was platinum and diamond-studded and the last one was a crystal necklace. well I know you must be thinking why so many pieces of jewelry at a time and that is because year round I am busy and I don’t have time to visit them so they just keep on collecting these gifts for me which never be like and there at the end when we meet on Christmas they give me everything that they have purchased throughout the year. And of course, I am overjoyed to receive it but the best part is when I would receive the present and realize that though the present is amazing and yet my family didn’t forget to substitute along with it cheap flower delivery in delhi, that’s like a joke they do quite often to tease me.

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