List Of Home Remedies Proved Useful To Cure Skin Acne

Who does not wish for clear and healthy skin, right? It’s like a dream of every girl and even boys. The skin is like your canvas, and one would not like to start with a dirty canvas. But not everyone is blessed with clear skin. There are many types of skin problems that people suffer, and these problems stand the way of clear, glowing skin. Flakiness, dark circles, excessive oiliness, and acne are some common problems reflected on the skin. I’m not saying that acne on the skin is dirt, obviously, it is not something that one likes to have on their skin. To be honest, most of us are not blessed with the perfect skin, and our skin shows different concerns at different times of the year.

Even if we cannot have the crystal clear skin they show in advertisements; if you still look after your skin and its needs, you can have the best version of the type you are blessed with. Like if you have dark and dull skin, the right products and a little care can make the condition better. If you are someone who is fighting a constant battle with acne, a little care can show improvements. Acne is one of the most common problems of the skin and is caused due to the oil and dirt trapped in the follicles of the face. I do agree that for some people, acne popping out may lower their confidence. I know you may have already tried different ways like medicines to get rid of them, but have you tried home remedies? If not, time to take them into consideration because you know if it dont work, at least it won’t have any side effects like the medicines. Also, something as simple as a flower delivery can help you with the same. Want to know how? Keep reading.

Honey and cinnamon mask

First on the list is a face mask that will require ingredients that are easily available in your kitchen. The two magic ingredients that will work in your favor are honey and cinnamon. First, talking about honey and cinnamon, both have antibacterial properties that help get rid of the bacteria feeding in the inflamed pores. To prepare this mask, mix three tbps. Honey with one tbsp. Of cinnamon powder and make a paste. Now, apply this mask to your face and mask and leave it for 15 mins and wash it off. Tada! Clear skin on its way.

Tea tree oil

Another magic ingredient that is proven really effective treating active acne is tea oil. With time tea tree oil has become a popular choice amongst the people suffering from acne. It is because of the anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties of the tea tree oil that really works wonders on the acne, leaving you with smooth and clear skin. To use it, mix one or maybe two drops of this oil in 9 parts of water. Apply the mixture on the affected area and use a cotton ball to do so. Do it twice every day.

Apply rose oil

When we send flowers to gurgaon or receive a bouquet, our top choice is often this very pretty flower, roses. But did you know that this flower is a calming powerhouse when it comes to acne? For that, you need to prepare rose oil from the petals. I know it may sound difficult than the rest of the remedies, but acne really responds well to rose oil.

Aloe vera

Anoththis ingredient is now found in the skincare range of many brands. The products containing aloe vera always claim to be suitable for acne-prone skin. It is because aloe vera works really well to soothe the active acne. You should use products with aloe vera extract but nothing like the pure extract, right? So, get some aloe leave and scrape the sticky gel with the spoon. Apply this gel as a moisturizer and repeat the process twice a day.

So, these are some packs and moisturizers that will lead you towards clearer skin. Before heading straight to the dermatologist when a pimple breaks out, give a try to natural remedies. Maybe they clear up your pimples. Powered by

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