IoT Application – A New Way of Teaching and Learning

IoT Application – A New Way of Teaching and Learning Education

The education industry has also improved a lot by applying advanced technologies in teaching and learning to improve the quality of education. Moreover, when the IoT trend is strongly spread in the field of education, we will see the incredible transformation of this extremely important field in life. Today, we will discuss with you the application of IoT in education.

We live in a modern age, where all the objects we use in everyday life are becoming intelligent. The world changes when things around you are connected to the data. No one can deny that the state of education has been dramatically changed by the internet in the past few years.

Education today is different from the proliferation of universities and the use of tablets in the classroom. IoT is embedded in school activities, helping to improve the way students are taught and facilities for learning. Typically, we can mention:

Interaction in Learning

While learning used to be limited to textbooks and pictures, textbooks are now linked-to websites and videos, illustrations, Additional documentation. This enhances the self-exploration spirit of students. We can learn new things beyond what is written in textbooks. Students can interact better with teachers or friends. Students are encouraged to create new things in the lesson, not just “listen to lectures”.

IoT can connect all schools and institutions in the world to provide deeper experiences for learners. It also helps students combine theory and practical application. Students can learn at their own pace with the means to communicate with friends and teachers. Teacher’s creativity is also increased as they can focus more on the curriculum. This is a significant change for both teachers and students to be able to see real data instead of focusing on textbooks. Improved learning opportunities reduce the students’ time to grasp the theory, motivate, and attract students.

Educational Security

Nowadays, the number of students at universities and colleges is extremely large. Managing, monitoring the whereabouts or actions of each student is not easy.

Accordingly, strengthening security in schools is extremely necessary. With the help of technologies such as 3D positioning, students can be monitored 24/7 and their movements can be reported at any time. These positioning devices can increase alarmingly in case of need.

To monitor student behavior the camera system can be used on campus, with school security measures including door access control systems to verify the subject before unlocking the door. You can unlock or lock the door remotely using a mobile device and also get a notification when someone has reached the door.

This is really a very useful feature for the school. We can program the doors to check the status of remote door locking via mobile devices, automatically locking at specific times.

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