Importance of Women Education

Women education is very important; it’s for herself, her family and especially for her children, because a mother is the first teacher of her child. Therefore it is necessary to educate the mother, so that her children get education from her. By educating one woman, we can educate the whole family. Boys and girls are equal members of a society, but it is sad that some people are still against the education of girls, particularly in our society parents don’t allow their daughters to go to school.

Firstly, some of the parents cannot afford educational expenses of both sons and daughters, so they consider their daughter’s educational expenses an extra burden and therefore they prefer to educate only their sons, because they think that sons can earn for their families in future.

Secondly, they think girls have to stay all time at home and they believe that if a girl goes outside for a job, they can lose their dignity and that is why, they don’t give permission to girls to work outside in institutions, offices, etc.

Females do their best not only as mothers but also as nurses, teachers, doctors and health workers etc. A nation will be on the way of progress when there both gender would do work.

In short, only education can make women aware of their rights and duties. Investing in women education is investing in a nation. Basic education should be free or should cost very little.

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