10 common injuries treated by knee injury doctor in Lahore

10 common injuries treated by knee injury doctor in Lahore

The joint that helps to move here and there with legs is knee joint. It helps to sit, jump, run, and squat. According to research, most of the cases regarding joint pain or injury are of the knee joint. There are many knee injuries doctors in Lahore that can treat different types of knee injuries. 

Anatomy of knee joint

If we look at the anatomy of the knee it is composed of four components I.e. ligaments, tendons, bones, and cartilage. Ligaments are connective tissues that connect knee joint bones. Cartilage is a Rubber-like matter that protects ends of the bones from damage due to friction while moving joint. Tendons are inelastic fibrous cord that attaches muscles to the bones. The knee joint is formed at the point where the femur (thighbone) and tibia meet. Patella covers the knee joint which is also called a knee cap.

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10 Common knee injuries

There usually 10 common knee injuries that a knee injury doctor in Lahore can treat.


Kneecap or patella is the most liable bone to fracture due to sudden hit. Knee fractures are the most encountered cases by knee injury doctor in Lahore. When a person suddenly falls his knees touch the ground with great force which causes a fracture. A car accident or people having osteoporosis have greater chances of getting their knee fractured. Sometimes stepping the leg in the wrong position or sudden twist or bend can also cause knee fracture.

Knee dislocation

In knee dislocation, knee bone or joint displace from its actual position. This disturbs the alignment of the knee and is painful. A patient is deprived of walking properly and bending the knee. Knee dislocation can occur due to structural abnormalities as well. A sudden fall, car accident, or sports can cause knee dislocation. 

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Tearing of meniscal

Meniscal are two rubbery cartilage between the end of the thighbone and femur. It protects the ends of the bones from damage and ensures smooth gliding of the joint. So, when a patient complains about tearing of meniscal, it is the tearing of cartilage. These meniscal can tear due to a sports injury or ageing factor. Ageing may cause them to tear slowly which is called degenerative meniscus tear. When the meniscal is tear, a pop could be felt in the knee. With this type of injury pain, tightness or swelling appears which may increase after a few days.

Anterior cruciate ligament injuries

Such type of injury is very severe that needs surgery. It is graded between 1 to 3. Grade 1 injury is mild ACL injury but grade 3 is the complete tear of the ACL. Football players often get ACL injury as this is the contact sports. But it could also be damaged by improper landing after a jump or changing direction suddenly while in motion. ACL runs diagonally downwards in front of the knee. It is an important part of the knee that provides stability to the joint. 


Tendon is the connection between kneecap and shinbone. Tendonitis is the inflammation in the knee. It is also called patellar tendinitis. Tendonitis occurs when tendons in the knee are injured. Tendon attaches to the patella helps the thigh to extend the knee. This way a person can jump, run, and do other activities. Athletes who do the jumping sport are more prone to tendonitis. It not only happens to athletes but a physically active person can also get this injury. 

Tearing of tendon

Soft tissue that connects bones and muscles is called a tendon. Patellar tendons are more at risk of damage in the knee. Athletes and adults that are physically active in working can get tearing of tendons. An accidental fall or a sudden hit can tear the patellar tendons. 


When a person overuses the knee joint and kneels repeatedly, he develops bursitis. This is the inflammation of a fluid-filled sac called Bursae that acts as a cushion to the knee joint and ensure smooth sliding of tendons and ligaments over the joint. In most cases, this condition is not severe and can be treated with little care. However, in some cases, it is severe, and if such conditions arise go to see Orthopedic surgeon in Lahore. He will treat the injury either with antibiotics or will remove the extra fluid with the help of a needle. 

Collateral ligament injury

Such injury occurs when the collateral ligaments that connect the femur to the tibia are damaged. This type of injury is most commonly occurred to athletes involved in contact sports. However, a direct collision with an object or a person can also cause collateral ligament injury. 

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Posterior cruciate ligament

This ligament is present at the knee back and is among the ligaments that connect the femur to the tibia. It prevents the tibia from too much bending backwards. Posterior cruciate ligament injury occurs when the knee is in bending position and hit forcefully. Sudden falling with force onto a bent knee or a hit to a bent knee in a car accident can cause posterior cruciate ligament injury. 

Iliotibial band syndrome 

The iliotibial band is located on the outside of the knee joint. Iliotibial band syndrome happens when this band rubs with the surface of the knee joint. Long-distance runners are more prone to this syndrome. Pain starts with minor irritation then gradually reach a point where runner stop to let iliotibial band repair. 


The doctor will put a cast or brace to limit the movement of the knee so the bone can heal quickly when fractured. In some cases, pieces of the broken bone are removed through surgery. Also, the knee injury doctor will suggest proper rest to let the injured tissues or ligaments heal properly. Knee injury doctor in Lahore can also suggest total or partial knee replacement if the condition is severe. The doctor may also give antibiotics to avoid infection and painkillers to kill the pain. He will treat according to the condition by a diagnosis of the issue. 


Knee injury causes severe pain and a person cannot walk properly with a knee injury. It should be treated on time whether it is mild or severe. Maybe it occurs due to disease or some accidental hit to the knee. Go to see knee injury doctor in Lahore to recover quickly and get back to normal tread. Many famous knee injury doctors in Lahore including Dr MA Wajid, Dr Muhammad Bilal, Prof. Dr Tahseen Riaz are available to fix your knee problems with great care and attention.